About Us

About Us

Sabour Production Group Co. was established in 1991, with the aim to promote food hygiene and health in the community, via producing quality and quite hygienic plates and dishes for packing nutritional materials. Hence, relying on expert specialists and engineers, and by benefitting from full-automatic advanced equipment, this company started in producing quality products with quality materials. Using an advanced laboratory and experienced chemical engineers in formulation of the materials led to production of quality products with high transparency and strength, for hot and cold food, for Sabour customers. Regarding the customers’ requirements, Sabour Production Group has increased the diversity of its products in recent years, and by producing quality hygienic products, could have an effective step towards providing the needs of industries, such as dairy and food industries, for traditional restaurants, catering places, fast food restaurants, confectionaries, etc.

Emphasis on materials quality and quality of packing, and also suitable price have caused the products of this company to be exported in large quantities to global markets, including the markets in Asia, Africa, and the countries in Persian Gulf region, becoming a strong competitor for the highly considered world products. Finally, with the aids of God, relying on the scientific and technical knowledge of prominent and experience workforce, as well as the effective managerial leadership in this complex, we try by ever-increasing quality of our products and increasing the diversity of the products to acquire another glory for ourselves and our sales representatives, in this respect.